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Elite Urgent Care Modesto

Medical Services

Breathing Treatments
IV Fluid Administration
IV Drug Infusion
Joint Injections
Joint Aspirations
Slit Lamp Examinations
Splinting and Casting
Emergency Evaluations
Gynecological Examination and Treatment
Incision and Drainage
Laceration Repair
School Physicals
Sports Physicals
DMV Physicals
Pre-Employment Physicals
Return to Work Physicals
Fit for Duty Evaluation
Urine Drug Screening
Uno Boot Placement
Urinary Catheter Placement
Wound Debridement
Wound Care

Medical Treatments & Procedures

Laceration repair
Incision and drainage
IV Fluid Administration
IV Drug Infusion
Nebulizer Breathing Treatments
Cardiac EKG Evaluation
Dislocation Reduction
Joint Injections
Joint Aspirations
Digital Anesthesia Blocks
Local Anesthesia
Conscious Sedation
Paronychia Incision
Carpal Tunnel Injection
Slit Lamp Examination
Pilonidal Cyst Removal
Pregnancy Testing
Spirometry Examination
Tympanometry Evaluation
Woods Lamp evaluation
Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Evacuation
Epistaxis Treatment
Plantar Fasciitis Injections
Toe Nail Removal
Epidermal Cyst Removal
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment
Gynecological Examination
Alopecia injections
Foreign Body Removal
Tissue Punch Biopsy
Tissue Shave Biopsy
Pap Smear Evaluation
Wound Debridement
Foreign Body Eye Removal
Fracture Splinting
Fracture Reductions
Fish Hook Removal
Urinary Catheter Placement

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