Laboratory services offered in Modesto, CA

It can be frustrating when your doctor orders labs that you have to go offsite to fulfill, only to return to your doctor several days later to get the results. As an all-inclusive state-of-the-art facility, Elite Urgent Care in Modesto, California, is home to a full-service laboratory. Not only can you get all of your labs completed the same day as your exam with Amrik S. Basi, MD, or another expert team member, but you can also receive your results in as quickly as 30 seconds. You can walk in for lab services during business hours, or book a visit online or over the phone.


Why do I need laboratory testing?

Your bodily fluids are like an open book, filled with pages of detailed information about exactly how well your body is functioning. If anything is off, your laboratory testing is going to show it. Your doctor may order urine or blood lab testing (or both) to:

  • Check for signs of infection
  • Evaluate your organ functions
  • Determine if your blood sugar is high
  • Check your cholesterol levels
  • Evaluate your hormone levels
  • Check your thyroid function

If you’re female, blood or urine laboratory testing is also used to see if you’re pregnant. This type of laboratory test may be needed before performing certain procedures, ordering imaging, or prescribing medications.

How do I prepare for a laboratory test?

In general, if you’re having a blood draw, it’s important to drink plenty of water beforehand. Being hydrated plumps up your veins, so your blood draw is as quick and painless as possible. You can also prepare for a laboratory test by:

  • Talking with your doctor about your medications
  • Bringing in your most current insurance information
  • Avoiding foods and drinks (except water) for a few hours beforehand, depending on the lab test

Your dedicated practitioner at Elite Urgent Care counsels you on what you need to do to prepare for your specific laboratory test. In some cases, no preparation is necessary.

When will I get my laboratory results back?

Because Elite Urgent Care has a modern full-service laboratory on-site, you can fulfill your lab orders and get your results back right away. Depending on your specific type of laboratory test, your physician may have your results back in as quickly as 30 seconds.

Since your practitioner has direct access to your lab reports and can find out results quickly, you can often get started on treatment the very same day - no waiting around and no guessing involved. You can feel confident that the laboratory and medical team work together to ensure you have comprehensive testing to get to the root of what’s affecting you.

Learn more about laboratory services offered at Elite Urgent Care by booking an appointment online or over the phone.