Membership Plans

Elite Urgent Care Membership Plans

Membership Plans to Elite Urgent Care were created to circumvent the significant lack of access to medical care. Both the Uninsured patients and the Insured patients suffer from the same plight. Most patients are having to pay cash for their acute medical needs. Insurance products now carry high deductibles which range anywhere from $1000 to $6000. This Is just one more way that insurance companies are passing the cost of care to the patients. Membership Plans at Elite Urgent Care have been created to offset this major burden. We have created all our plans to have Unlimited visits to the Clinic. Our mission will always be to strive to give you timely access to superior medical care.

Here at Elite Urgent Care we have developed Elite Urgent Care Plus, a Membership program with Unlimited visits for all. It is a true solution to the lack of access to care. Elite Urgent Care Plus offers an affordable, efficient, compassionate and comprehensive health care delivery system which provides you with timely access to health care. We are very proud to bring to you Elite Urgent Care Plus, an innovative Membership program to better serve your health care needs.

Platinum Membership Plans:
Platinum Membership Plans are designed for those who don't want to pay for anything at all after their membership fee. Platinum Members will enjoy affordable medical care with no facility fee, unlimited visits, and all procedures free.

  • One-time Registration Fee

    • Individual - $100

    • Family - $100 per person

  • Unlimited Visits for term of contract

  • $15-dollar facility fee waived

  • All procedures included

Plans available for $125, $170, $215, $260, $305 and $350 dependent on number of persons in plan (1-10)

Individual Plan:

  • $125 per month

Family Plans:

  • 2 Person plan $170 per month
  • 3 Person Plan $215 per month
  • 4 Person Plan $260 per month
  • 5 Person Plan $305 per month
  • 6 Person Plan $350 per month

Example Visits

Clinic Visit with no procedure

  • Clinic Visit $150 plus a $20 Facility Fee: normally $170
  • Platinum Membership Rate = NO CHARGE 

Clinic Visit with Major Procedure

  • Clinic Visit $150, $20 Facility Fee, $300 Major Procedure, $50 Medications, plus $25 Labs: normally $545
  • Platinum Membership Plan Rate = NO CHARGE

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