Telemedicine services offered in Modesto, CA

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a remote, virtual visit with your dedicated practitioner. Your doctor can see you and you can see them by way of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. During your telemedicine appointment, your practitioner can:

  • Discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing
  • View certain areas of your body, like your throat
  • Coach you on different treatment options
  • Order your prescriptions through your pharmacy

Having a telemedicine visit with the caring physicians at Elite Urgent Care gives you all of the benefits of a traditional in-office exam, without having to head to the clinic.

Why should I schedule a telemedicine visit?

Even though your doctor wants to see you in person and evaluate you directly, in some cases, telemedicine is actually a better way to go. For instance, if you have a sick child who is displaying early flu symptoms — like a sore throat and stuffy nose — the last thing you probably want to do is bring them into a clinic where they’re going to be exposed to other bugs.

Plus, your little one can even infect other children. During a telemedicine consultation, your physician at Elite Urgent Care can perform many of the same evaluations online, so you can focus on getting your child healthy. A telemedicine exam can also:

  • Bypass wait times at the clinic
  • Help you stay relaxed and calm
  • Be conducted at any time during your busy schedule

Telemedicine consultations are entirely safe and secure, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the same personalized care that you’d get right in the clinic at Elite Urgent Care.

Do I need a follow-up appointment after a telemedicine session?

It depends. Generally, the caring practitioners at Elite Urgent Care want to see you in the clinic as soon as you’re feeling better. This way, they can evaluate you thoroughly and ensure your medication or other treatment is effective. During your telemedicine consultation, your doctor lets you know if and when you need to come to the clinic.

Book your telemedicine appointment at Elite Urgent Care by requesting an appointment online. You can also call the clinic directly to schedule your telemedicine consultation.